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About Us & What We Do

CondoLiving: Connecting condo communities with the only application home owners truly need.

Condominium Management

CondoLiving connects residents with the Condominium Management and enhances communication and service standards dramatically. It simplifies residents’ routine requests, quickens response time of the Management and dramatically supports Management Committees by ensuring smooth operations, timely contract renewals and provide continuous guidance in property management.

Proven Systems

It is a proven and trusted system co-developed and founded by experts in property management and information technology. This specialized product is the result of intense research and is the future of property management in Asia.

One, Simple, Platform

Even experienced property managers get overwhelmed as high-density estates get bigger and bigger. Condoliving places everything at your fingertips to make your job far more manageable all in a single, simple platform.


Connecting condo communities

Management Councils

Take real control of your estate today!

Why rely completely on Managing Agents?

Sign up with Condoliving and see how much you can save!


Enhanced exclusivity – Maintain a private and exclusive estate for residents with secured content


Save on manpower – Cloud computing keeps all facilities open for booking even when management office is closed


Grow your management funds – Secured payment gateways provide time saving and ease of use which translates to higher usage frequency resulting in more revenue generated for the estate


Save Time – Important information and emergency broadcast capabilities saves a lot of ink and wasted paper and notice distribution efforts


Have Flexibility – To know how contracts are managed with full transparency


Ownership – You can change the managing agent but you can still maintain full control of your estate with transparency of all contract documents and historical records with Condoliving. No sudden changes with each new management change

Empower & Improve

Simple. Smart. Seamless.


Take your estate to greater heights now and invite us to your next council meeting!

Real Estate Developers
A strong and correct foundation will last a lifetime.
With our specialized building management platform put in place from the beginning, you will ensure your brand stays ahead and the building, well managed, long after the keys are handed over.
Every resident that buys your property will be thankful for the ease of use, intuitiveness, convenience and luxury feel it creates.
Every managing agent that is eventually engaged to maintain and manage the estate will enjoy the simplicity and seamlessness of the management process.
And every management council will appreciate the transparency and flexibility Condoliving provides.
Enquire with us today!

Living the way of the future

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Products at a glance for Real Estate Developers

Property Management System


Visitor Management System


Security Management System


Defects Reporting Management System


Key Collection Management System

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